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Automated Workflows

What is Inbound Marketing?

Inbound marketing is a wonderful combination of website optimization, content creation and curation, search engine optimization, lead generation, email marketing and social media marketing.


Landing Feet First provides inbound marketing services for small to mid-sized companies. We deliver a winning combination of marketing implementation and automation, lead generation strategy with a focus on SEO and the technical know-how to train and coach your staff on all things marketing.

HubSpot Implementation and Onboarding

You'll receive technical guidance to properly configure HubSpot to your business's needs.

Marketing Strategy

I'll build out a full marketing strategy with a focus in content marketing all built within the HubSpot platform.


Landing pages and content are vital to driving leads. From concept to design to code. Get the essentials to drive success.

Who Am I?

Your right-hand (wo)man.


HubSpot Aficionado, Designer, Developer, Content Marketer

I have eight years of graphic design experience, five years front-end web development experience along with six years of marketing and marketing operations experience. And for the last three years I was the HubSpot "super admin" for a top Silicon Valley company.







Content Marketing


Marketing Automation


Development, Maintenance and Management

HubSpot Capabilities

Full onboarding of the HubSpot CMS and/or CRM.
  • Create custom landing pages and/or emails using HubSpot's Design Manager
  • Build and connect forms with proper campaigns and tracking urls
  • Custom click events and reporting
  • Custom dashboards based on different metrics
  • Design HubSpot forms to fit your brand
  • Create/maintain workflows, smart/static lists and lead flows
  • Create/maintain campaigns
  • Lead scoring and maintenance
  • Domain management
  • Content marketing and management
  • Smart content on landing pages/site pages
  • Automated and scheduled emails
  • Lead nurturing
  • Custom CRM filters for sales teams
  • CRM campaigns tied in with the marketing side
  • CRM Documents management (collateral, docs, etc)
  • Deals management, creation, filters
  • CRM Email (sequences) and templates
  • Import leads into the marketing and/or CRM side
  • Analytics and reporting
  • Manage users, billing and HubSpot settings as a super admin

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